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Start number magnets for runners (set: 8 pieces)


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1 set consists of 8 magnets


Running start number magnets

Magnets whose size, shape and holding power make them ideally suited as starting number magnets for runners. Magnets are the ideal solution for attaching a start number to your sportswear. Start number magnets make it possible, for example, to attach a start number to clothing without using pins that cause holes. To attach a start number with a start number magnet, you need two magnets.

Start number magnets as an ideal solution.
Ee start number magnet actually consists of two magnets, one magnet comes on the inside of the clothing, the other on the object (for example, a start number) you want to attach to your clothing. In addition to a start number, a start number magnet can also be used to attach a corsage to your clothing, for example. Whatever your purpose, start number magnets attach objects to your clothing without leaving holes.

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Weight 2.68 g
Dimensions 2 mm


Magnetic force (kg)

Magnetizing force

Magnetization direction

Height 1 (mm)


Diameter 1 (mm)


Volume cm³


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