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sterke magnetische verf

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Turn any surface into a magnet board with magnet paint from magnet specialist. In this way, you can easily create a magnetic board of any size. Apply the magnetic paint in at least 3 generous coats to get a good magnetic surface. You can then repaint the surface with any color of paint without losing the magnetic properties of the paint.

De Magnetenspecialist has high quality magnetic paint in its assortment

Magnetic paint for the discerning consumer that is also perfect for the professional. Magnetic paint from the magnet specialist cannot be compared to magnetic paint from the hardware store. Instead of using black ferrite magnet particles, our magnet paint uses iron oxide and professional fillers. This means that the applied paint remains infinitely magnetic unlike ferrite paint which loses its strength.

High quality magnetic paint that does not lose its strength

By using professional fillers, the magnetic paint from the magnet specialist is lighter in color, useful for covering your top coat. Thanks to the professional fillers, this paint provides a nice flow (less streaking) and fills in small imperfections. To be used on all materials and excellent to combine with our neodymium magnets. This paint is water-based.

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