Customer Service

The Service Desk of the Magnet Specialist will be happy to answer all your questions as quickly as possible. Perhaps someone else has asked the same question before and you will find the answer among the frequently asked questions on this page.

Opening hours:
The Magnet Specialist web shop is always open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also visit by appointment.

Ask us your question!
If your question has not yet been asked, please send an email to or fill out the contact form to submit your question, request or complaint.

Our address and contact information:
If you order your magnets from us in the future, you can check the status of your order in real time. If you want to change your already placed order, please contact the Magnet Specialist Service Desk. You can call the Service Desk Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pick up my order in person?

When placing your order, you can indicate whether you will pick up your order or prefer to have it delivered. During the ordering process you will be asked to fill in your personal details and to indicate your preference regarding the day and time you want to pick up your order.

We will respond to your request the same day. Of course, you can also simply call the Magnet Specialist to make an appointment. You can call the Service Desk Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

How do I order magnets?

Once you have found a particular type of magnet, choose the correct size and order quantity. Attention! The prices shown with the order quantities of our magnets state the price per magnet but assume the number of magnets in the respective price tier.

Suppose you can choose from: from 1 piece, 5 pieces, 20 pieces or 50 pieces. The order quantities that are then among the possibilities are limited to the limits of the price scales such as: 4 x 1 piece / 3 x 5 pieces / 2 x 20 pieces and ∞ x 50 pieces. The last category can be ordered an unlimited number of times and in this case in collies of 50 pieces. So 100 pieces are 2 items in the shopping cart. Once you have finished shopping, you will see an overview of your order in your shopping cart and you can make final changes here.

Are the magnets reserved for me once I place them in my shopping cart?

Placing the magnet or magnets in the shopping cart does not mean they are reserved for you. You are only assured of the magnet or magnets once your payment is received.

What do the stock status indications hold and what does this mean for the delivery time?

The status “immediately deliverable” means that the item is in stock and will be shipped on the day (weekdays: Monday to Friday) when the payment is in our bank account before 4pm.

The status “temporarily sold out” means that the item is temporarily sold out. The item can be ordered but has a longer delivery time. Magnet Specialist will inform you of the time frame for delivery and the item will be shipped to you as soon as payment is received and the item is in.

The status “no longer available” means that the item has sold out and is also no longer available.

How do I know if my order was successful?

We will confirm your order by email. Did you transfer the amount immediately? As soon as Magnet Specialist has received your payment before 4:00 p.m. (weekdays: Monday through Friday), your order will be presented for shipment the same day. You will receive an email confirming that your order has been shipped, there is also a tracking number that you can use to check on your order.

When do we ship your package?

When ordering you will be given a choice of payment options, Paypal and IDEAL are the fastest, if you choose bank transfer it will take a little longer. Payments for orders received by us before 16:00 on a business day will be shipped the same day.

Orders that fit through the mailbox, are delivered from Tuesday to Saturday by Postnl, You will not receive a confirmation email.

Larger packages are shipped with GLS parcel service, with parcel service deliveries you will receive an email. In this email, you will be informed of a day and location and given the option to change it before 23:59 the same business day. You can track the shipment online on GLS Track & Trace.

GLS will attempt to deliver the package a maximum of 3 times. If this is not successful after 3 times, the package will be returned to

If you have any questions about the status of your package, please feel free to contact our customer service department ( However, in the vast majority of cases, the GLS “tracking and tracing” page will be able to tell you exactly where your package is.

I placed an order but it was cancelled?

The Magnet Specialist does its best to keep the online assortment up to date 24/7 and that the magnets in our shop are always in stock. Unfortunately, in exceptional cases, an item you ordered may be out of stock. In that case, the purchase price of the item, including shipping costs, will be returned to you.

How are the prices, which are listed on the website, constructed?

All prices of the magnets that can be ordered on include VAT. The shipping date will be used as the purchase date on the invoice you will receive from us in PDF format via email.

Can I pay for my order based on the invoice?

Yes, you can! You can choose to pay cash on delivery or make a manual transfer based on the invoice. When you pay directly online, the magnets are often shipped the same day after the payment is received by us. If you have ordered but not yet paid, you can use a link in the order confirmation to make your payment.

If you would like to transfer the amount manually, you will find our bank details also in the mail confirmation. Of course, exceptions are conceivable and possible. Discuss this with your personal account manager at

What are the shipping costs?

For each order with a delivery address in the Netherlands, € 4.95 shipping costs will be charged. For orders over € 100.00 the shipping costs are free. Only orders below € 5.00 will be charged € 3.50 in administration costs. For deliveries outside the Netherlands we have different prices:

  • Belgium: € 5.95
  • Luxembourg: € 5.95
  • Germany: € 5.95
  • France: € 9.95
  • Spain: € 11.95
  • Austria: € 6.95
  • UK: €9.95
  • Italy: € 11.95

What are the delivery times?

If payment for your order is received by Magnet Specialist by 4:00 p.m. on weekdays Monday through Friday, your order will be turned over to the GLS delivery person on the same day. Normally, we apply a delivery time of 1 business day.

Who is liable during the shipment of the magnets?

Shipping takes place via logistics partner GLS and is insured, registered and packed at our risk. Magnet Specialist reserves the right to change its shipping methods at any time and use a different service for shipments, also at Magnet Specialist’s risk. You are only responsible for your package once you receive it.

What is the Magnet Specialist's policy regarding exchanges?

If you are not satisfied with the magnet and/or magnets, you must notify us by email within 14 days. You can also do this by filling out the contact form that you can find on our webshop. Please note that our products have magnetic values that they are not aware of in the mail. You must return the magnets with the original packaging or packaging of the same quality, we will not return packages damaged by careless packing.

Does it cost money to return or exchange magnets?

If you exercise your right of withdrawal, you will only have to pay the costs of return shipment and if you have already paid an amount, we will refund this amount as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days after the return shipment or withdrawal.

Can I be sent a catalog?

You can download our catalog in PDF format here.

Does the Magnet Specialist also provide technical advice on magnets?

Your personal account manager at Magnet Specialist is ready to give you advice on magnets at any time. You can contact us about by phone or email.