Magnet to attach race number to clothing (sport).

startnummer magneten

Magnets to attach starting numbers

The magnet specialist has two different starting number magnets in its range. A lighter version for runners, for example. These can also serve as corsage magnets. But also a slightly heavier version suitable for cyclists, for example. Because of the difference in speed, sometimes a slightly heavier magnet will be needed. Start number magnets come as 1 set of 8 magnets. Typically, athletes wear two starting numbers, so with our starting number magnets you will always have enough magnets to attach everything, conveniently.

Start number magnets

Magnets are the ideal solution for attaching a race number to your sportswear. Start number magnets make it possible, for example, to attach a start number to the clothing without using pins that cause holes. To attach a start number with a start number magnet, you need two magnets.

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Start number magnets as an ideal solution

A start number magnet actually consists of two magnets, one magnet is placed on the inside of the clothing, the other on the object (for example a start number) that you want to attach to your clothing. In addition to start numbers, a start number magnet can also be used to attach a corsage to your clothing, for example. Whatever the purpose for you, with race number magnets you can attach objects to your clothing without leaving holes.