Heavy magnets

heavy magnets

Heavy magnets available in many shapes and sizes

Heavy magnets are available in many shapes and sizes at the magnet specialist, specialized in Neodymium magnets. Think of block, ball, ring or rod shape, but also heavy magnets such as handy hook magnets can be obtained from us. Heavy magnets are available with different magnetization and adhesive force. For example, are you looking for magnets that can be used for industrial purposes? Or for home use? At the magnet specialist you can undoubtedly find the magnet you are looking for. Order them easily online via our webshop.

Order magnets online quickly and easily

Easily order online the magnet you are looking for from the magnet specialist. You have a choice of payment options with us, and are always assured of a fast home delivery. Larger quantities of heavy magnets are also no problem at the magnet specialist. Magnets in any shape, size or carrying capacity. You order them easily online and we at the magnet specialist will ensure fast delivery.

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Strong heavy duty neodymium magnets

With magnets, the strength is determined, among other things, by the volume of the magnet. So it can be said that as the magnet gets bigger (heavier), the magnet also gets stronger. Furthermore, the shape of the magnet, the proportions of the magnet (e.g., the ratio of diameter to thickness for a magnetic disk) as well as the combination with other materials, e.g., whether the magnet is mounted on a piece of metal or in a metal pot or is freestanding play a role in the strength of the magnet. Heavy magnets are therefore, as a rule, also Strong magnets.