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The magnet specialist has them.

We have a wide range of powerful neodymium magnets. For example, a powerful magnet does not have to be large. We also sell very powerful small magnets. For example, take a look at the powerful magnet with an eye nut as shown in the picture. This has a holding power of 110kg! And is used, for example, in industry and construction for lifting large metal sheets.

A powerful magnet, delivered quickly.

The real powerhouses in our range have a load capacity of more than 500kg! But you can also order everything in between in our webshop. A powerful magnet is actually always a neodymium magnet. In our webshop you can easily see the specifications for each magnet in the product details. You will quickly find out that even small magnets can be very powerful. It’s just what you’re looking for.

So whether you are looking for a small or a large strong magnet, the magnet specialist will help you. We sell powerful magnets for every application from industrial applications to powerful magnets for the individual.

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Take a look at our fishing magnets

Fishing magnets used ment to magnet fishing. For many people a fun hobby. Magnetic fishing involves fishing not for fish but for magnetic objects that lie underwater. Magnet Specialist sells the strongest fishing magnets so you can fish the heaviest magnetic objects out of the water! Our most powerful fishing magnet has a holding power of 500Kg! The powerful magnet comes fish-ready, with 20 feet of the sturdiest rope, a replaceable eye and a handy musketon (clip) to anchor the fishing magnet so it can never get lost in the water.