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Fish magnets from the Magnet Specialist

Magnet Specialist stocks many different types and sizes of fishing magnets, all shipped and delivered equally quickly. Fish magnets with holding forces of 88 kg to as much as 500 kg! The strongest fishing magnet you can buy from the magnet specialist. They all come with 20 or 25 feet of rope attached to a sturdy eye nut. The eye nut is rock solid attached to the magnet so you can fish up the very heaviest objects.

How does magnet fishing work?

The magnet is attached to a meter long rope and is available in different tensile strengths, the heavier the tensile strength the more heavy metals can be lifted. The magnet is thrown into a pool, pond or moat in order to retrieve iron objects. Archaeologists have been working with the magnet for a long time in order to retrieve historical objects from ancient times. The excitement is mainly in what comes up with it.

Magnet fishing captures the imagination.

You never know what you might encounter. We’ve seen plenty of stories of retrieving ammunition that has gone into the water in wars. However, most of the items that are fished up are simply interesting, strange or sometimes even antique and worth a lot of money! A scrap iron farmer can indulge himself because canals are often full of old bicycles from which kilos of scrap iron can be hauled up.

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Top quality fish magnets with good service

All our fishing magnets are top quality and specially designed for magnetic fishing. The largest fishing magnets are in a steel pot so the bottom of the magnet can do the work. The heaviest fishing magnets are equipped with heavy duty eye nuts that are attached through the magnet by a thick bolt. These are great for real heavy-duty work.