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Disc magnet 12×2 mm (Adhesive)


Number of Price
1 - 20 1.03
21 - 60 1.00
61 - 140 0.98
141 - 200 0.96
201 - 260 0.92
261 - 300 0.87
301 - 350 0.83
351+ 0.79

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Wide selection of super strong disc magnets in different sizes and strengths

A disc magnet has a variety of applications. At Magnetenspecialist.nl you have a wide choice of disc magnets. For each product, we clearly state the magnetization and holding power. Magnetenspecialist.nl is completely specialized in neodymium magnets. You can order these very easily and quickly online from us. Due to the adhesive side of this magnet, the magnet does not require a steel substrate for adhesion. This magnet is often used when hanging a heavier screen or awning.

Additional information

Weight 1.7 g
Dimensions 2 mm


Magnetic force (kg)

Magnetizing force

Magnetization direction

Maximum operating temperature

Height 1 (mm)


Diameter 1 (mm)


Volume cm³


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