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Block magnet 8 x 4 x 3 mm VE:8pcs


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Powerful block magnet 8 x 4 x 3 mm, N50, Holding force 1.0 KG

A block magnet is perhaps the most traditional form of magnet: rectangular and easy to pick up. At the same time, block magnets are powerful. So it is ideal for use at home, in the office or for industrial applications. So are you looking for strong Neodymium block magnets? At Magnetenspecialist.nl you can order them online. On this website you can see our complete range. For each block magnet, you will see an image with the size and specifications.

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Weight 0.73 g
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 3 mm


Magnetic force (kg)

Magnetizing force

Magnetization direction

Maximum operating temperature

Height 1 (mm)


Volume cm³


Depth (mm)


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