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Fish magnet 48 x 10 mm + eye nut, bolt, musketon, 16 meters of rope (88KG)


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Our smallest fishing magnet

Fish magnet 48 x 10 mm including eye nut, bolt, musketon, 16 meter rope

Adhesive force 88 KG – Note Adhesive force is determined on at least 5 mm thick full steel.

Magnet fishing often resembles normal fishing as everyone knows it, but here it is not fished for real fish but for metal objects that lie in the water. You can think of puddles, ditches, sea, lakes and canals. It will not surprise you that it is full of metal objects. These can be the most diverse objects. Contemporary, but also old.

Additional information

Dimensions 10 mm


Magnetic force (kg)

Magnetization direction

Height 1 (mm)


Diameter 1 (mm)


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